Meet Winellda

Winellda is a different sort of witch...

Winellda the Witch by Esther Clark

Meet Winellda

WINELLDA is a witch of another kind.
She's a stand out with her purple cape and flowered pink dress.

No pointy-black hat sits upon her head nor warty nose on her face -- OH, NO!

Her hat is a deep blue rectangular one with stars sparkling out from all sides.

And, she is the cutest little witch your could ever find.

Those stars she picked from the sky. They are for all the wishes she holds in her heart.

Winellda's Wish

Have you ever felt like you just DO NOT "fit-in"?

Well, WINELLDA had a hard time "fitting-in" sometimes. She attends the Little Witches World Academy in a faraway land.

At lunchtime, often she sat with her trusty broom as her only companion. During recess, she liked playing games. However, when it came to picking team players, she seemed to always be chosen last...if at all.

Mean tricks were NOT her thing and others would tease her for that. She enjoyed flying her broom, creating new potions, tending her garden and especially visiting her Uncle Sylvester.

More than ever, she wanted to feel happy when with others her age. So, one Halloween night, she wished upon a star.....

Please read A Wish for Winellda the Witch to find out how this wish of WINELLDA'S comes true.