A Wish for Winellda


Bound to a spooky old house by her own spell, Winellda the Witch delights kids and friendly ghosts every Halloween by flying her broom, telling stories, and joining in the holiday fun. It’s the one time of year she can truly be herself: a kind little witch with a rectangular hat. Dressed as mummies, bees, cowboys, and more, young trick-or-treaters gather around to hear her ancient tales of All Hallow’s Eve. Join them as they listen to Winellda’s enchanting story–and join Winellda as she finally has a chance to make friends.

A Wish for Winellda the Witch is a charming story about fitting in and making friends that’s sure to put a spell on young readers as they uncover the curious past and present of Halloween.



Meet Winellda, a witch unlike any other witch. With her rectangle hat and her pink fluffy cat, Winellda knows how to make Halloween fun. This hardcover picture book is written by Esther Clark, illustrated by Christine Cathers Donohue, and published by Brown Books Kids.

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